About Me

Hi! I’m Danni (aka. Mrs B, Bishop, Bish) – a caffeine fuelled home cook and domestic slave goddess. Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting! I’m self-taught, I love cooking rustic dishes for my family and friends and I hope you enjoy the recipes that I post. Please let me know if you do and let some of your friends know too!

16 facts about me:

– I overuse exclamation marks. Apologies in advance!

– My eyes are bigger than my belly.

– I LOVE aubergines.

– I don’t like olives but love olive oil. I know. Weird.

– I live in East London with my husband. I am a feeder.

– I am trying to learn Italian. Non capisco.

– I am addicted to coffee (well, Starbucks).

– My favourite TV chefs are Jamie Oliver (obviously. Pukka), Diana Henry and Tamasin Day Lewis. They tend to throw it all in and end up with something amazing IMHO.

– I am obsessed with bows. I have a friend who is also obsessed with bows. We talk about bows a lot.

– I am not a good flyer. Sorry if you have sat next to me on a flight.

– My biggest weakness is CHEESE.

– I am also a sucker for pretty packaging.

– And my guilty pleasure is instant mash potato. Shhhhhh.

– I can fall asleep anywhere. At a Broadway show, at a comedy club, at the movies, at the pub, at a nightclub, at my own dinner party… it’s all happened.

– I am attached to my iPhone. There’s probably an app for that.

– I’m allergic to cats, strawberries, avocados and ugly shoes.


10 responses to “About Me

  1. Danni is an amazing person and an amazing cook! I love her! x

  2. I am from East London too, small world! And I speak a pretty good Italian.. being one =D

  3. Awesome! A fellow East Londoner! I must spend more time on my Italian. I have learnt some useful phrases though e.g. c’è il vino? Love your blog and the vanilla cupcakes.

  4. Rita Smith

    I can vouch for your wonderful cooking having sampled your lovely food!

  5. Thanks Mum. Wow you figured out how to post a comment without my help! Impressive.

  6. Dominique Debney

    Hi Danni! I am looking forward to your lovely recipes! I also overuse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!s and LOVE aubergines! Of course, you can guess who introduced me to your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ha ha! Hello Domi. Hope you are having fun in France. Send me any French aubergine dishes though I have a recipe for ratatouille already here https://bishsdishes.wordpress.com/2011/09/13/totally-retro-ratatouille/ I bet you are eating great food in France. Hope you enjoy reading, Danni :-)

  8. HI Danni, I am bad flyer , just hate it and love cheese and yes I too can fall asleep anywhere and I don’t like olives but I don’t like aubergine. Thought that I sholud tell you about weird things we have in common. Funny! And your blog is lovely .

  9. Thanks so much! But how can you not like aubergines! I will check out your blog too :-)

  10. I eat them for my husband likes aubergine. Otherwise I would never bring them to my kitchen. But I don’t hate them.

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