My blog is one today! The year has gone quickly, but it does when you’re busy having fun!


I’ve eaten a traditional chicken salad in Cambodia, Thai curries in Thailand, a Katz Deli Rueben sandwich in New York, clam chowders in San Francisco, a belly-busting buffet in Las Vegas, chain-drunk espressos in Milan, ate everything but putrefied shark in Iceland and refreshed myself with lemon granitas on the Almalfi Coast!


My first year of posting has exposed me as the aubergine fiend that I am. From my first ever post of ratatouille to risotto, pasta dishes and polenta, my favourite recipe has to be melanzane parmigana – the mother of all aubergine dishes.


Red Velvets baked for Valentine’s Day, American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup flipped for Shrove Tuesday, Coronation Chicken cooked for the Diamond Jubilee and canapés for all sorts of celebrations!


I didn’t expect many readers and compared to other blogs I haven’t got many at all! Though HELLO if you do read this from time to time and WOW to anyone who has actually made one of my recipes. BIG THANKS to my friend Sian who reads and cooks from my blog all the time. Even though it doesn’t always go to plan (thinking of the chocolate fudge aka “The Fudge that Failed”) and my recipes often contain cheese which gives Sian migraines!

…and Pasta Machines

I’m on my second, I’ll keep you updated…



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2 responses to “One

  1. Michelle

    Happy One year Danni and well done! I LOVE reading your blog!!! Mich x

  2. Thank you Michelle – my little PR department ;-) xoxo

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