How to… make Parmesan Crisps

I love Parmesan Crisps! These intensely cheesy little gems can be used to top anything from risotto to pasta from soup to salad! If you ask me, they look a bit chefy as well, so they are great to impress your friends with. If you have friends who are impressed by cheese. I know I do. Anyway here’s how I make them.

You will need… a couple of small handfuls of micro grated Parmesan (for 2 crisps) and a can of Fry Light or other olive oil spray.

What you do… start by grating the cheese and putting your grill on…

…then put a frying pan sprayed liberally with the Fry Light, on a medium to high heat…

…sprinkle the Parmesan in whatever shape you like in the pan. Don’t pile the cheese too high and keep the cheese gratings close to one another so that they stick together…

…after a minute or so, the sides of the crisps will start to golden and the cheese in the middle will be bubbling away…

… transfer your frying pan to the grill and give the cheese at least 30 seconds underneath it until the top of the cheese is golden too…

… very carefully loosen the cheese off of the frying pan using a rubber spatula. The cheese may still be quite gooey so you have to edge it away from the pan bit by bit and carefully…

… place the crisps onto a wire rack to cool for 30 seconds. This will make them harden up. Then you’re ready to transform an everyday meal to something that looks like it could just have come out of a Michelin star kitchen!

Oh and you can jazz up your crisps as well! Try freshly ground pepper, poppy seeds or a drop of truffle oil.



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3 responses to “How to… make Parmesan Crisps

  1. These looks gloriously delicious.

  2. They taste delicious too! And really easy to do. Love them!

  3. very tempted to buy some parmesan just to try them out.

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