Mozzarella e Prosciutto in Carrozza

I saw Nigella make one of these a while ago on the telly (recipe here). It’s basically a fried sandwich but the Italians dip the bread in milk, flour and egg before frying to form a delicious golden coating. Yum!

The word ‘carrozza’ means carriage in Italian – which just sounds much fancier than ‘sandwich’! Always use buffalo mozzarella when you can, it is a bit pricier but is deliciously milky and chewy. Some regular mozzarella can be a bit plastically and flavourless but buffalo mozzarella always packs a bit of punch.

Mozzarella e Prosciutto in Carrozza
(Adapted from a Nigella Lawson Recipe)
Makes 3 Sandwiches/Carrozza

– 6 slices of white bread
– Margarine
– 6 slices of prosciutto crudo
– 1 ball (or 12 pearls) of buffalo mozzarella
– Freshly ground pepper
– 200mls whole milk, in a bowl
– 100g ‘00’/strong white flour, in a bowl
– 1 egg, beaten, in a bowl
– Olive oil for frying

1. Simply butter the slices of bread with the margarine and fill each of the 3 sandwiches with 2 slices of prosciutto and some slices of mozzarella. Take care not to fill the sandwich too close to the edges. Grind some pepper over the filling.

2. Top the sandwich with the other slice of bread. Now seal down the sides by pressing firmly on the edges of the bread. The sandwich needs to keep together while dipping in the coating ingredients and you need to avoid any filling oozing out during frying.

3. Put your frying pan onto a medium/high heat and add the oil. Now set up your coating production line starting with the milk, then the flour and then the egg. Dip your sandwiches into each, making sure they that get coated well in each one.

4. Transfer the sandwich to the pan and fry for around 5 minutes on each side, until golden. You might need to add more oil to the pan when there’s room to fry the other 2 sandwiches.

Serve them. Eat them. Then make another batch!


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