Tried and Tasted: Sweet Things

There’s a never-ending list of recipes I want to try. I’ve always got my head in cookbooks, magazines and blog posts looking for things that catch my eye. Near the top of my list was Joy the Baker’s Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread. You only need to look at the pictures to see why! I finally tried it out this week and it did not disappoint – nutty, sweet, warm and flavoursome, it was hard not to eat straight out of the oven. But I was patient… I let it cool a bit… I wrapped it up… I even took it round to my little brother’s as an extra house-warming gift. It didn’t last long! Next time I make this, I might add a dash more yeast/allow more rising time to get slightly thicker slabs of dough. If you’re in the U.K. and making this, you’ll find Delia’s online conversion tables will come in handy.

My sweet tooth was being a bit demanding last week so I also made Hummingbird Chocolate and Hazelnut cupcakes. They were so easy to make yet look pretty impressive (If I do say so myself!) I use an apple corer to hollow out a bit of the cupcake and fill with Nutella. There’s also Nutella in the frosting but as sweet and chocolatey as these cupcakes are, they’re not sickly. I’ll definitely be making them again. The recipe can be found in the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook available here on And remember, the Hummingbird Bakery’s cupcake recipes are calculated for U.S. cupcake cases which are larger than U.K. ones… I always forget! Nothing wrong with an oversized cupcake though :-)


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